Why low-glycemic can be GOOD

A recent study suggests that a low-glycemic diet — rich in foods containing carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream — significantly lowered markers of inflammation and also increased a hormone that helps in regulating the metabolism of sugar and fat.

The study found that the biological marker for inflammation was reduced by about 22% in the obese and overweight participants when they followed the low glycemic diet.  This indicates to me that the body is not reacting to the high glycemic carbohydrates and therefore reduces the work the body has to undertake to protect itself.  A great outcome if you have inflammation within your body.

I found the below table that highlights low, medium and high glycemic foods, have a look and see what you can replace in your diet to reduce the high glycemic foods you are currently using, and maybe you might find a reduction in your inflammation within your body. (thanks to LowGIHealth.com.au)

Glycemic foods list

Glycemic foods list


Neuhouser ML, Schwarz Y, Wang C et al. A Low-Glycemic Load Diet Reduces Serum C-Reactive Protein and Modestly Increases Adiponectin in Overweight and Obese Adults. J Nutr 2011. doi: 10.3945/jn.111.149807

Let me know if you want easy ways to change your carbohydrates in your diet



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