Walking in Nature

Recently I wrote about finding other ways to exercise, rather than working out in a hot sweaty gym, in the blog on exercise

I wanted to share with you a walk that I get to do reasonably regularly, so you can see the beauty in nature that is around us, stopping and smelling the roses so to speak, while getting some gentle exercise into the bargain.

I usually get to go for a walk on a Sunday morning, it’s when I normally don’t have to rush off and ‘do stuff’, so if it takes me 5 or 10 minutes longer, because I’ve stopped and spotted something interesting, unique or stunning, then it has no knock on effects on my day.

This last Sunday was relatively sunny, so the choice to go walking was obvious (well, I suppose I should admit here that the gym is actually closed on a Sunday, so it’s very difficult to get to it!!!).

I made the decision to walk to a place called Curtis Falls. It’s a gentle walk in that it takes about 25 minutes to get there, no big hills, though there is the incline outside the house to begin with!!

Walking in the rainforest to a waterfall is amazing, you see some wonderful things.

Like nature, and the strenght of it – check out the size of this tree that was blown over a few months ago

Uprooted tree, including large rock!

Uprooted tree, including large rock!


Further along the track, you come to a waterfall, it’s one of my favourite spots here on the mountain, and so peaceful, I did take a recording of the water splashing, but it’s not come out for here – another time. Though, take a look at the waterfall itself – love it!

Curtis Falls, serenity

Curtis Falls, serenity


There was much noise occurring from the birds as we wandered (okay, so it wasn’t a gentle stroll, more a strong walking pace), occassionally stopping to spot the particular birds making the noises. I didn’t get the photos of them, as they do flit around quite quickly, but one bird I did get a photo of was a kookaburra perched on a powerline, just before hitting home.


Kookaburra waiting patiently

Kookaburra waiting patiently


A bit difficult to see the bird in this photo, but he was lovely to watch.  The other birds we heard included rosellas, king parrots and sulphur crested cockatoos – all noisy and busy birds!


Then, after about an hour of walking, I was virtually at home, when I realised that even on the side of the road, there was beauty, you certainly don’t need to be in a rainforest, check out this old trunk and the plants and flowers around it


Lush growth

Lush growth


Take the time to enjoy being outside, while supporting and nourishing your body, remember a minimum of 20 minutes increased heart rate exercise a day is a great place to start – and sometimes you can do it in places of utter beauty so you don’t realise it’s difficult. It will become a part of your lifestyle, one that can be maintained and is never a chore.  Enjoy working out in the outdoors.  Tell me where you go for your outdoors exercise too – would love to hear about it/see it.


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