How to cleanse your cells

Now that you’re interested in how to cleanse your internal cells by a process called nutritional cleansing, here are some tips for how to manage your cleansing day


1. Stick to a routine for the day

It’s so easy to be tempted off your planned routine on a cleanse day. Work colleagues will ask you out to lunch, your partner will ask you out for dinner, or a friend will need to have a guidance chat over coffee and cake!! All of these things can be sent to send you off your routine.  However, if you manage to have a plan, it is much easier to stick to it.  Firstly, I usually make my cleanse day a day when I’m less likely to be interrupted with these kind of suggestions. This can be a weekend day, or a quiet work day, it all depends on you.

When you are planning your day, make very specific plans, e.g., 6.30am wake up, drink 2 glasses of water, and drink a glass of water that has 2 scoops of Cleanse for Life mixed in. Follow this immediately with the Natural Accelerator.  7am, go for a 25 minute walk (no strenuous gym workout today).  A great way to ensure this routine is followed through, is to use the alarm systems on your phone – set up all the times the day before – and remember to add in when you are to drink water. I don’t know about you, but I definitely forget to drink water some days when I’m busy at work, or busy running around various errands and I forget my drink bottle!!  Also remember to schedule into the routine a treat, e.g., an aromatherapy bath, a facial, an hour to spend time on you, such as a face mask and paint your nails 🙂


2. Personalise your routine

Make sure that the routines you are establishing are routines that make you happy.  Just because the program says you can take the Cleanse for Life in cold water, doesn’t mean it has to be, you can make it into a warm drink, if that is the way you prefer it.  Everything in your daily routine must be what makes you happy to follow the routine. If the routine that suits you includes curling up on the couch for an hour with a good book, then make that part of the fun of the routine – routine should never be a chore – it will be easier to follow when it’s something you really enjoy!

3. Get sleep!!

When you are cleansing, you are likely to feel more tired. This is because you are taking on board less calories than a normal day when you are consuming good quality nutrition in adequate quantities.  Take the time to go to bed early if you need to, don’t try to stay awake, this will tire your cells out, including those pesky fat cells, and they will no longer perform efficiently, thus using less energy!  Check out my previous blog on sleep to see the consequences of not getting enough sleep!!

4. Use tools to support you

During the day you may very well hit the wall, this is when you have certain tools that can help you out. Isagenix snacks, or Isadelights are a great support when you feel tired or lightheaded.  e+ Natural Energy Shot may be a great answer too. With naturally sourced caffeine from green tea and yerba mate, e+ provides the safe and healthy energy boost you need.

5. Drink water regularly throughout the day

Sometimes on any day, not just a cleanse day, you think you’re hungry, when in fact it is merely thirst. Always have a glass of water first if you feel hungry, often the hunger goes away quickly – telling us it was merely dehydration that was causing the sensation, and not actual hunger.  Try this out over the next day or two. Drink a glass of water whenever you are feeling hungry, and see if the sensation remains or goes away!  You should be aiming to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day on any day, not just a cleanse day.  Think of the water as flushing away the toxins the fat cells are releasing during your cleanse – a great incentive I find for keeping the water up to my body as it’s flushing!

6. Gentle exercise

Enjoy gentle exercise on a cleanse day. Don’t put your body under excess stress. Find a gentle walk, a place of peace and relaxation.  I love going to my local waterfall – a gentle walk, not too strenuous, and the reward when I’m there is such relaxation!

Relaxation at the waterfall, after a gentle walk

Relaxation at the waterfall, after a gentle walk

7. Start your post-cleanse day with good quality nutrition

For your first meal, ensure you have balanced protein, carbohydrates (low GI) and good quality fats.  This will nourish your cells as they have just been through a good detox and are craving good nutrition.  A great way to achieve this is to have an Isalean shake – easy to prepare and your body loves the good quality, balanced nutrition it is receiving.

Make cleanse days work for you, create healthy habits in your life, enjoy the day.

Remember why you are assisting your body in removing these toxins.


Want to know more, contact me now for a chat about how!


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