Wellness journey, tough day

It’s bound to happen occassionally when  you are on a journey. Nothing I’ve ever heard of has been plain sailing the whole time.

So, today has been a tough day.

What caused it?

Maybe it’s because I’m due to go away for a week for work?

Maybe it’s because I’m doing a cleanse day today and that means I couldn’t sneak off for a cup of delicious coffee?

Maybe it’s because……

Whatever the reason, it’s been a flat day, which makes it a tough day in my books.  I have been doing a lot of things to keep it bouncing along though.

Step out of your problem to see clarity

Step out of your problem to see clarity

Now for me to step out of feeling this way is to write about it here.

First, off to the gym early this morning. Even though it was a cleanse day, it was time to push myself a little further again. Managed to set the incline level a little higher on my Arc trainer this morning. Finished it without collapsing, so that’s a positive!!  As it is a cleanse day too, I decided to leave the weight training out today. Wanted to focus on pumping my blood around the body. Managed that too!!! Went on both the Arc Trainer and the Treadmill, managed to work up a sweat (know you were all waiting to hear about that!!) and finished off after 45 minutes. Pretty pleased with how that worked out.  I wanted to check out if my fat % had changed at all over the last 3 weeks of going to the gym. Sadly, the scales read the same, now that was disappointing!! However, on the bright side, they did read 3kg lighter than 3 weeks ago, and I feel within myself that the muscle is developing, so I’m planning on ignoring the fat % reading today!

The drive home (yes, I’ve not got into the routine of biking to the gym yet, it will come at some stage!) was beautifully uneventful, thankfully, as it’s only 5 minutes away!!

Next was to organise the internet connection to the clinic. Would you believe it took 20 minutes to sort out? Well, when I reflect on that, it was a remarkably short time for troubleshooting IT/telecommunications 🙂

The day itself has been fairly uneventful. Though I’ve felt tired physically.  I believe it must be working out on a cleanse day.

This evening was to be a visit to the movies, that has changed, in favour of rest, relaxation and some gentle nurturing.

What do you do in order to nurture yourself at the end of the day when you’re feeling flat?  For me, a relaxing massage, or a soothing bath with some wonderful essential oils.  I think a pick me up blend will work well.  For this I will look at the following oils:

Pick Me Up Joyfully


Protection from whatever is draining your energy


To light up your night and bring joy while feeling refreshed

May Chang

Put that spark back into your step

Relax and enjoy

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