What do you eat and why?

I recently read about a study that was undertaken to see what people eat, and why.   The outcome was that convenience and cost were the driving factors in what people eat and why.

The study also got my interest because the scientists used Twitter to track and map the food diaries of the participants – what a novel idea, and one that has created ‘food’ for thought for myself. Twitter was used due to the age of the participants, as they were looking to establish ways to create studies for young adults. We really are moving into the technology age!

Anyway, back to convenience and cost.  I totally get convenience and cost in this fast society that we are working and living within. How many people do you know (including yourself!) that ‘grab’ something on the run, whether it’s for breakfast (between fitting in the gym and getting to work on time, or just getting everyone in the house ready for the day!), for lunch (have to work through lunch today!!) or even for dinner (need a quick bite before I head off to the show/gym/club/pick up the kids!).

There are so many situations in our fast paced world where we choose to have a quick, convenient meal instead.

Do we, and I mean you and I, ever stop and consider the nutritional value of our ‘quick grabs’??

What are you grabbing for that convenient meal? Is it takeaway from the local fast food shop (here I’m thinking of fats, sugar and salts), takeaway from a restaurant (stirfries or subways are healthy, right?), or a muesli bar (quite often sugar laden).


Hidden sugars are everywhere

Hidden sugars are everywhere

Imagine being able to have the convenience and cost of a quick bite, with the addition of good quality nutrition! That would be an exciting concept!! It’s one I’ve discovered recently and am currently using to great effect. Satiated, content, happy and motivated with a lot of energy – can you get that from your ‘quick grab’ takeaway?

Let me know if you want to find out about getting good quality nutrition in a convenient and cost effective product!!


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