Proof of progress

I’ve had some people asking for photos to show that I am definitely still on track and also to add a touch of authenticity to my accountability logs!

So, now that it’s been asked for, here are the photos.

This photo was taken when I first started my nutritional cleansing program, it was before I started at the gym but it was when my motivation was beginning to increase. It was taken after one week. I was very nervous about getting my photo taken, as I’ve not done that type of thing before, I’ve always just got on with it so to speak.

1 August 2013

1 August 2013


This morning, I decided it was time to take another photo.  There  is an inbetween photo, but it’s still at the gym, from when I signed up with them, it will no doubt appear later on, once I’ve finished my official 10 week blitz with them!!

I’ve used similar clothes, though I believe the trousers are the same! The photo was taken from a slightly different place, but I’ll get better at remembering where the photographer is to stand as the progress moves forward!

Sat 7 Sep 2013

Sat 7 Sep 2013


Well, that’s me all accounted for now!  Will keep you posted on the remainder of the journey.



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