Wellbeing journey 6 weeks on

I can hardly believe where the time has gone since I started this journey of wellbing.  The days seem to move forward in every increasing regularlity – who would think??

Since I started my journey there have been some real differences to how I’m living my life now, and it’s all very exciting!

I’ve been able to ‘drag’ myself out of bed on regular occasions and actually make it out walking or going to the gym – who would’ve thought this possible 6 weeks ago?? I know I certainly didn’t!!!

Yes, I signed up for the gym 3 weeks ago now, and I’ve been a regular visitor to Main Fitness since then.  One of the most surprisng outcomes of going to the gym has been my ability to quickly get back into doing weights, working on a cross trainer and bike, without walking like a cripple for days and days afterwards. My energy hasn’t been dipping at all either – this is truly a journey to wellness and lifestyle changes that have not been in my life for some time now.

As a scary thought, and an aside, my taste for wine is changing – now for those of you who know me well, this is indeed a scary thought!! I’ve been dis-interested in a glass of wine that has been poured for me – even really nice wine, not just the cheap and cheerful type. So amazing. This has to be the result of removing toxins from my body so that I am no longer craving these.  This is what I’ve not been missing 🙂

A wonderful wine that I'm happy to only have one glass of, instead of repeat offending!!

A wonderful wine that I’m happy to only have one glass of, instead of repeat offending!!


And, instead, I’ve been getting to see some beautiful sites around the mountain when I’ve been out walking – including jasmine, camelias, rhododendrons and magnolias (gosh, will I check my spelling, or leave it to chance??)

Local magnolia tree in full bloom, how old must it be?

Local magnolia tree in full bloom, how old must it be?

Well, over the last week I’ve been looking at my physical progress and have been beautifully surprised – though I must admit, people are now beginning to notice the change to my face and overall appearance. I took to the scales earlier this week and I was very excited to see that they have dropped 5 kg (about 10lb) over the last 6 weeks (yes, I have been having a cheeky wine throughout this time), and my actual measurements around my chest and waist have both dropped 6cm (just over 2 inches). I’m so very excited and totally motivated to keep this lifestyle change as my routine.  It is truly amazing!!

I’ve always considered that I was holding onto toxins.  My reasons for this? Well, about 5 years ago, I broke a tooth, yes it had a mercury filling in it. At the time, it didn’t cause any pain, and I didn’t bother with getting it fixed straight away (oh, okay, so it took me a year and finally some pain to get motivated to get it sorted!!).  Since that time I’ve ‘developed’ hayfever type symptoms. Initially they were sporadic, but over the last year they had become continual and life disrupting.  Now they are back to sporadic, with the combination of this nutritional cleansing I’m undertaking and a course of homeopathic treatment before starting this. My belief is that this will continue to improve.

In homeopathy, Hahnemann (the founder)

Samuel Hahnemann, considered to be the father ...

states that first we must make sure that the patient is truly ill before we treat.  This means we must first make sure that the lifestyle and diet are not really contributing to the illness before we decide if it’s necessary to treat. I am doing this by changing my diet and lifestyle at the same time as having some treatment – and my results are truly impressive to me!


I will keep you posted on how the journey continues as we head into Summer and towards Christmas.

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