The walking and exercise part of the journey

Today was another beautiful day, so it was quickly out of bed and into the walk.

Before I went walking though, I discussed an exercise plan. The local gym is doing a 10 week summer blitz and I’ve made the decision to join it – accountability and motivation are the main reasons.  I used to go to a gym regularly and then found the reasons, such as too busy, to put it off. This will give me a 3 month membership and the kick up the bum that I need to keep on track, especially if I am having to be accountable to a stranger (and that is also you guys who are following this journey with me!!).

The motivation is a funny thing, since I’ve been having better nutrition, the lack of motivation has disappeared, okay, so I’m not shouting from the rooftops or anything yet, but the desire to get out and do has become higher on my list of priorities, and with the support around me, it’s been happening. So great to be in that space at last.

Well, on my walk this morning, as I was walking down the 20% gradient hill, I decided to vary my walk and see how I went. Usually I walk down, then around the base of the hill to the Botanical gardens, get such joy from the flowers that are all out, and the beautiful peaceful sanctuary that it is, then walk back up the 20% gradient. Today a different path was taken.

Today, i walked down, then up the other side, then round the corner and up into a cul-de-sac – so far more ups!! That did mean some downs on the way back thankfully.  Again, I didn’t stop when walking up the 20% gradient – true it was harder today and Puffing Billy was with me, and I noticed that I only had to think about Trevor once, near the end!!

I noticed when walking that there is a lot of beautiful jasmine out now, so wonderful to smell – I was going to take a photo, but didn’t want to stop my climb, so I didn’t, however when I was writing this up, I had a friend come and visit (well, two of them actually, and they were very busy hunting and laughing), enjoy his photo 🙂


Magnificent visitors to keep me company

Magnificent visitors to keep me company




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