The journey continues slowly

Since I last blogged about my new journey, I’ve had much entertaining to do with family visiting.  Did this put me off my journey, well yes and no are the truthful answers!  Today, family visitors free and on track again, I move forward without regret.  In fact, how can you regret your steps that have gone, they are unchangeable and they can only weigh you down, when you look forward, you see sunshine, challenges and joy, just like this beautiful Bird of Paradise flower

Bird of Paradise in full bloom

Bird of Paradise in full bloom

I’ve written several times in an electronic journal over the last 2 weeks, but have not yet uploaded them, so I have decided to put them all into this post so you can see how I’m progressing and the struggles, obstacles and ups and downs of life that appear.

Journal scratchings 1

This last week I have been getting a few things that seem to be mind blowing. I read a statement today that basically said, if you want what you’ve not got, you need to do something different than you have been doing.

That’s definitely mind-set no. 1

I’ve done some advertising on the Internet, for as little as $70 I’ve exposed my ad to over 28,000 people – that’s just mind blowing, and soo easy to do! Mind-set no. 2
My tool for writing ad copy has been complemented, all those years of going to seminars is paying off, wow! Mind-set no. 3

The business I’m in has me earning points before I’m actually consolidating anything I’m doing! It’s so exciting I’m awake at 2.30 am doing my journal about it. Just hoping that will allow me to get back o sleep! Mind-set no.4

How can these thoughts be replicated to pay it forward to those beneath me? Way too exciting!! Talk about being able to help so many people! One couple have signed up only 160 people, yet they have now turned over $1million,and are helping 18,000 people in the process.

I’m wanting the week in Paris, how amazing would that be? Rewards for work well done, and all while learning on the job!

Replication, use the tools given, spreadsheet, lists videos & product info, you + 2, them + 2 business model, pay it forward concept, beautiful!

Journal scratchings 2

After 4 days on my journey of 30 and I’m really keen to just ‘check’ how I’m going. I’m wanting to do this because I’ve had 2 days of shakes and two days of cleansing, and I’m still feeling good, no headachess and, surprisingly no lack of energy to finish my day. I say surprisingly because the other night, before my first cleanse day, I had 3 1/2 hours of good solid sleep, then 3 1/2 hours of dozing, writing in my journal, tossing and turning. Then got up and did a 12 hour day, which included over 2 hours of driving! I was stunned 🙂

Okay, sooooo, how have I been going on the scales, the ultimate measure when anyone starts a change to their lifestyle (I refuse to call it a diet, as that implies nasties!!)?? After 4 days I have lost just a little over 2 kilos, about 4 pounds! Now that is WOW! I knew something was changing around my waist, great confirmation, I’ll leave the scales alone now til day 8, when I do my official checkin 🙂

Journal scratchings 3

Now, I’ve just had a night out with friends, it included going out for dinner in the city and it normally includes a lot of alcohol. I thought this was going to be very hard, so I set myself a plan. We sometimes use a low alcohol wine when I drive and there’s an event we go to where there’s going to be drinking, mainly it avoids too many questions if you appear to be drinking also. Anyway, I decided I’d take this and have a few glasses at dinner, no questions need be asked of me, no need for me to explain this early on what I’m up too. I’m wanting people to notice when I’ve lost weight, not tell them at the start, then they feel obliged to say something next time they see you regardless of what they see. My goal is to surprise everyone!

First, and only, change to the game plan, was arriving at our friends per-dinner and being offered a drink. Very difficult to say no, then they put out nibbles too, fortunately some of the nibbles on offer were olives and strawberries, I could have a couple and therefore not seem strange to anyone. Dinner went well, found a dish on the menu, seafood and veges with glass noodles, so I went for that. Very nice, though I would’ve enjoyed more veges. I was super good and had a glass of water beside my glass of wine, and drank 2 -3 glasses of water to a glass of wine. I also stopped eating my meal before I finished my plate (I was brought up to not leave the table until everything was eaten, because there are starving children in the world you know! I’m sure many people were brought up with this philosophy, it makes leaving a plate with food on it very difficult, I’m sure you know this though!)

Now I was quite happy, though obviously sensitive, as I felt some comments about my not drinking were uncalled for, but, I’m sure that will change in the future when the results speak for themselves 🙂

So, a long night out, didn’t get to bed til 2, am now awake at 7.30am, having my supreme shot, just to get my body back into stress free mode.

Journal Scratchings 4

What am I doing on this journey, and how likely is someone else able to do it too?

I’m going with a plan that initially has two meal replacements a day. Sounds like most plans on the market that seem to fail once you’re off it doesn’t it?

Well, it’s actually very different. Not only are the shakes nutritionally balanced with protein, carbs and fat, but also with nutrients AND enzymes to support your digestion. There are also herbs and vitamins to take, these increase your metabolism (so you digest your food quicker, not allowing it to lie around in your colon like sludge!) and support your body through the stress of change.

There is also a variety of snacks available, so boredom doesn’t happen, including chocolate! Chocolate, all I can say is WOW!! The great thing is that the chocolate is dark, so has healthy attributes, and is infused with green tea, so stimulates the metabolism, mind and immune system – how great is that?!?!

One of the things I’m loving about the products are the ingredients in the shakes and other products are sourced to be as bio-available to your body as possible, from organic, wild harvested or as clean as they can be.

The use of adaptogenic herbs in the formulations really inspired my thinking too. How many people, when changing their lifestyle, realise the stress their body is about to undergo, and then support it! Very few, which is why, I feel, that failure follows thereafter. By supporting the body through stress, it adapts and moves forward, fantastic!

If you want to know more about what I’m doing, please contact me

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