A journey to wellbeing

Due to a perceived lack of energy, a lack of motivation to undertake my exercise regularly, and the gradual creep upwards on the bathroom scales, I’ve finally decided to take action!

As my age has also been creeping upwards it has become more difficult to release those dreaded kilos/pounds. It’s just like all the books say, and also the ‘old wives’ tales. The older you are, the more stubborn the weight appears to be.

Today was the beginning of my journey, I’ve measured myself, including my weight. This is my baseline, and somewhere I never wish to be ever again in my life.

I began the day with a tonic, it contains some wonderful herbs in it. These herbs are considered to be adaptogens, and will assist with dealing with any stress that comes my way. That could be useful when I’m changing my diet – I’ve always been a food lover!!

Breakfast and lunch were deemed to be shakes today. The shake is a nutritionally balanced substitute for my usual breakfast and lunch. It’s based on a whey powder, but not any whey powder, one that is produced by ‘happy cows’ in New Zealand. I’m entrusting the ‘happiness’ will come with the powder!! It is also produced to result in a high bio-availability of the protein, so our body can utilise it more.

The shakes are actually quite nice tasting, and have a creamy texture to them. I was pleasantly surprised to be satisfied after each one. They were indeed filling.

I’ve tried a couple of different snacks today, I’m exploring which ones I enjoy more. So far I’ve tried a snack that reminds me of a chocolate flavour, and, along with all the water I’m remembering to drink (unusual for me as I’m not normally thirst) these are providing the carry through I have been needing.

I will keep you up to date with my progress and my enjoyment of the products.

These products are being introduced into my clinic, so if you wish to know more about how they benefit you, please contact me below and I will be in touch.

The lovely thing about these products is that they are for more than just weight loss.  My real goal is increased energy and motivation, looking for the weight loss to be a beneficial side-effect.  They are also useful for those athletes, or weekend warriors, who are looking to build their muscle tone.  An overall wellbeing sensation. Fits in well with my wellbeing programme.

2 thoughts on “A journey to wellbeing

  1. Hi there

    I, too am at my maximum in weight…can I have the information and where I can start the journey at well and also where can I purchase the Whey Powder and tonic

    Many thanks

    Jill Evans (Crean) Christchurch

    • Hi Jill,
      I’ll send you some information and get you onto it, it’s an amazing system. It’s also got a 30 day money back guarantee, so no risk! Will private message you for your email.
      Kind regards

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