Wellness – what does it indicate?


Looking for an increase in your Wellness? How do you go about it? And what does it mean when your level of Wellness is not at it’s peak?

In life we too often ‘suffer’ with minor complaints and do nothing about these. Small things like fatigue, acne, bad breath, bloating, PMS, general aches and pains, annoy us, but not sufficiently that we do something about them.  Where do all these little things, or feathers as I call them, lead to?

All these little indications that our body is not operating at peak capacity will eventually lead to chronic ill-health. The little things are merely reminders from our body that all is not 100%.  When we don’t listen to these ‘feathers’, eventually the body starts to throw bricks at us to make us listen – that’s when we might start going to a medical or health care professional for help.

Sadly, a lot of the time, when we experience the bricks being thrown at us, we suppress our symptoms. How often are we told to take ‘pain killers’, or tablets to allow us to ‘soldier on’?

When we don’t listen to our body and the messages it is giving to us, we continue to push the symptoms deeper into our body, this becomes the bricks, and eventually the ‘trucks’ that stop us in our tracks.

How do we avoid this happening? Firstly, we listen to our body more, what are the messages we are getting. How do we interpret these? How do you figure out that it’s a particular food or ingredient that is causing these feathers?  We can take the guess work out of this 🙂

Over the weekend I delved further into the world of wellness by discovering how we can determine whether or not the foods we are eating are doing us harm or supporting us in our journey to wellness.

This journey begins with a test of your hair, from this test it can be determine which foods are hindering the journey to wellness.  On completion of the Wellness Programme that I deliver, you can expect an increase in your health and wellbeing.

How long does this initial journey take? Well, on average it is a 6 month programme, with 4 consultations, a pre-journey test and a post-journey test.

Contact me, homeopath.sandra@gmail.com if you wish to find out more about the Wellness Programme I run, and how address the feathers in our lives before they become bricks and trucks!

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